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We, at Nova Communications, understand the importance of IT based solutions and are committed to provide extensive range of top quality products and services to fulfill any corporate requirement that comes within our domain.

Nova Communiactions Corporate Services

Experience One-Stop Management of Complete ICT Systems

We integrate state-of-the art technology, world class service and 24/7 live technical support to deliver cost-effective solutions to our corporate clientele.

Dedicated Internet Access

Your Business doesn't have to compete with other subscribers for Bandwidth now.
-Enjoy upload speeds just as fast as download speeds at any time of the day.
-Guaranteed Bandwidth
-High Speed and Power
-Increased Productivity

Bandwidth on Demand (BoD)

Accommodate your traffic demands by requesting additional Bandwidth capacity.

-Customized Connectivity
-Efficient, Secure & Cost Effective
-Supports scalability & Flexibility

Enterprise Network Solutions

Advanced solutions for any Enterprise Networking Requirement.
-Strengthen your enterprise's communications backbone.
-Simplify your wired or wireless access
-Network Security Solution
-Optimize access to cloud applications or mobile workforce

Point to Point Connectivity

Experience unparalleled quality of service with secure point to point network data service
-Expert designing and installation
of P2P networking solutions
-Reliable Connectivity
-Ongoing support & maintenance
-Quality Equipment

Internet Peering

Gain more control over your traffic and improve performance.
-Hands on involvement in traffic routing
-Control over your traffic
-Speed and Latency
-Keeping your traffic local

MPLS – Domestic

Integrate your data and enterprise applications through Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network.
Employ highly reliable, secure and scalable networking solution for your business with our custom developed infrastructure.
Harness the capability of MPLS technology

Campus LAN

Take your organization to the next level by employing leading campus network solutions
Campus LAN solutions optimized for building a high capacity, intelligent experience, and autonomous driving campus network. End to end automation from design to deployment.

Static IP

Get high speed internet with dedicated IP for your connection
-Reliable access to content
-Fast download speeds
-High level encryption
-Excellent customer support
-Best native app support


Add security and privacy to you netwroks
-Managed service VPN with end-to-end responsibility.
-Prioritization of crucial applications
-Guarantees secure access to centralized applications and multi-cloud connections

IT Infrastructure Services

Employ highly reliable enterprise wide infrastructure services
-IT Infrastructure Administration, Monitoring, Troubleshooting, Evolution
-IT Infrastructure Consulting & Management
-Cloud Infrastructure Services

Premium Telecom Class Backbone

Strengthen your Enterprise's Backbone Network
Complete management of your business's network backbone to ensure a strong network and smooth flow of traffic.

Local- Loop Circuit Management

Complete and secure management of Local Loop Circuits
-Low Cost
-Guaranteed security
-Best customer Support

Ongoing Traffic Analysis

Improve your network with Traffic Analysis
Identification and solving of
-Security threats, suspicious communication,security violations
-Service outages, wrong configuration & data network latency

Fiber O&M Projects

Handling and management of Fiber Optic projects
Let us manage your Fiber Optic and Material projects with the best quality service and customer support.

Why the Corporate Sector Chooses Us

World Class Services

Where others fail to deliver promised services, we go one step ahead by giving you WORLD CLASS BENCHMARKED SERVICES by allying with world’s leading ISP vendors, trained and experienced professionals, license providing bodies and using State-of-the-art technology.

Growth Oriented Solutions

We are a privately-owned, profitable company demonstrating consistent growth every year and helping our clients to reach their maximum potential.

Cost Efficient Solutions

We provide High Quality Solutions in cost efficient ways to our clients by leveraging our buying power, state-of-the art technology, team of highly qualified and experienced professionals and exclusive network of vendors operating around the world.

Save Time

Being a primary ISP vendor for multiple companies, we are well aware about industry requirements and offering onestop efficient solutions to fulfil all your IT infrastructure requirements to save your time and resources.

Exceptional Customer Support

We aim to deliver an Exceptional Customer Support to our clients. We’re an extension to your team and our dedicated professionals are on standby to support you whenever called.

Let Us Manage All Your Network Requirements and Grow Your Business to Endless Possibilities

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We Would Be Happy To Assist you to meet All Your Business Requirements.

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