You can contact on below options and share your area / contact for location confirmation and connection detail.

Helpline: 051 111 111 872 Extension 107-113

Whatsapp: 92 300 8564542

Email: sales@nova.net.pk

  1. Online (Cash/debit card) bank payment in company account.

Account Title:   The Professional Communication (Pvt) Ltd.

Account No.: 9003000000655949

Bank Name: JS Bank, Blue Area Branch Islamabad.

Branch Code: 9003

Note: When the payment is transferred online, customers are requested to share their Bank slip/ transferred receipt to our Company Billing Whatsapp Number: 0300-5017408 so the billing person can enter payments to keep the customer account active.  

  1. Payment through easypaisa

By clicking on NOVA Communications in utility bills section, the customer will get his User ID and pending amount information and can pay their bill.

Payment through easypaisa, doesn’t need to share the payment slip on company whatsapp number.

  1. Payment through Nift

Customer can pay their bills through their customer portal by using their credit/debit card or direct transaction from account.

Payment through Nift, doesn’t need to share the payment slip on company whatsapp number.

  1. Through Customer Portal

Customer can use his/her service portal through this link. https://customers.nova.net.pk/novatel/billing/customerPortal/LoginController/login

After entering User ID and password customer can get full access of his account and can pay his bill by clicking on “payment options” on Dashboard. Here he/she can select any method i-e Easypaisa and Nift.

For any query and complaint, you can contact below options;

Whatsapp: 92 300 8598864

Email: complaints@nova.net.pk

Helpline: 051 111 111 872

For VAS, packages & billing,  you can contact below options;

Whatsapp: 92 300 5017408

Email: billing@nova.net.pk

Helpline: 051 111 111 872

You can email at billing@nova.net.pk for tax certificate or whatsapp at 0300-5017408

NOVA typically follows the power utility when determining how to bring fiber to the home. Overhead installation: If your utilities run from power poles into your home, we can usually follow that route for fiber installation. Underground installation: This requires digging a trench to place conduit underground from the nearest NOVA connection point to your residence. The fiber is then pulled through the conduit to the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) attached to the exterior of the home.

As soon as it is determined that NOVA  service is available at your home. Next, contact NOVA to schedule installation of customer premise equipment (CPE) at your home. A skilled NOVA technician will visit your home to install the CPE and connect your home to NOVA’s fiber network. Once connected, the final step of activating your new fast, fiber internet service.

NOVA skilled technicians will install a grey utility housing box on the exterior of your home. This housing protects the customer premise equipment (CPE) which connects to NOVA fiber. An interior power outlet must be located within 10 feet of the CPE. The housing box will be sealed and labeled with a “no tampering” sticker to help prevent damage to the fiber.

If you desire to have Wi-Fi throughout your home, you will need a wireless router. Please be sure to discuss these details at 051 111 111 872, so they can help with router specifications/ recommendations.

It takes 7 days for our technical staff to provide the Services at your premises. You can call 051 111 111 872 for the follow-up of your order in case of delay.

Yes, customer can avail static IP on his broadband connection.

Yes, you can request for shifting the service to another number or location just by calling NOVA helpline 051 111 111 872.

Yes you can change your package, just call 051 111 111 872

Connection with ONT to get powerful fiber wifi throughout your home with routers and wifi extenders.

Fiber internet (also referred to as broadband) access can be provided to residents over a variety of infrastructures. When the infrastructure used is fiber optics, it is called fiber to the home (FTTH). In this delivery model, NOVA extends its broadband network, using fiber from its nodes all the way to a home. Fiber to the home is the fastest growing method of providing vastly higher bandwidth to consumers and businesses, enabling more robust video, internet, and voice services.

Optical fiber is a hair-thin strand of glass, specially designed to trap and transmit light pulses. The fiber uses light instead of electricity to carry a signal. It is unique because it can carry high bandwidth signals over long distances without signal degradation, and it can provide those signals simultaneously in both directions – upload and download. Copper media can also carry high bandwidth, but only for a few hundred yards – after which the signal begins to degrade and bandwidth narrows. Fiber optic cable is made from optical fiber and has been used in communications networks for more than 35 years, mostly to carry core telecommunications traffic from city-to-city or country-to-country.

Fiber optics transmit information as pulses of light through strands of fiber made of glass or plastic over long distances.

Most high-speed internet providers use copper coax lines, which are not usually as fast or reliable as fiber. Fiber optic technology uses pulses of light to deliver your internet service. Fiber optic cables can deliver upload speeds up to 25x faster than some cable companies

Internet speed is often defined in Mbps, which stands for megabits per second. Knowing your mbps, your file upload and download speeds, can help you determine whether your home internet is fast enough to do everyday things like stream movies or download large files.

Mbps represents the amount of traffic your internet can handle. You’d be surprised how many devices are quietly using your Internet bandwidth in the background. Smart home devices like Google Home or Amazon Echo, laptops and PCs in sleep mode, your security system, and even your sprinkler system can all be using your internet, which will affect your internet speed unless you have enough Mbps.

If you want to use your home internet to power your gaming experience, it’s important to have access to internet speeds that allow you to game at your full potential (with low lag and minimal buffering). Typical internet speeds for a workable gaming should be around 3 Mbps download speeds, and around 1-2 Mbps upload speeds. Fios offers speed tiers starting at 300/300 Mbps, meaning your upload and download speeds are matched, creating a low-latency environment that is ideal for gaming.

Yes. Customers who want to use the full range of Digital Cable channels will need a HD box provided by NOVA for additional televisions at there home or office. Customers can though watch basic cable channels on additional TV without a HD box.

Internet Protocol Television is a system where a digital television service is delivered by using Internet Protocol over a network infrastructure, which may include delivery by a broadband connection. A general definition of IPTV is television content that, instead of being delivered through traditional broadcast and cable formats, is received by the viewer through the technologies used for computer networks. IPTV is in fact a DTV implementation.

VOD stands for Video on Demand. VOD is an application of digital TV. VOD permits a customer to browse an online program or film catalogue, to watch trailers and to then select a selected recording for playback. The playout of the selected movie starts nearly instantaneously on the customer’s TV or PC.

When it would be available? HDTV, or High Definition Television, is an audio/video standard that defines the quality of motion picture. It is broadcast digitally in contrast to common basic broadcast formats such as: PAL, NTSC and SECAM. Separate tuners are built into the TV set. The screen redraw method in an HDTV broadcast is ‘progressive’ instead of ‘interlaced’ as found in older CRT based TVs.

If your home has a back-up generator that can supply power to your CPE and NOVA fiber has not been damaged during the power outage, you should have an internet connection. NOVA has back up batteries at our fiber distribution nodes as well as generators to support service during power outages.

If you believe the CPE on the exterior of your home has been damaged, please call 051 111 111 872 or email at  complaints@nova.net.pk

DO NOT attempt to open the CPE as this could cause damage to your fiber connection.

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