NOVA iBox (3D Ready)

NOVA offers the best HD sports programming available. Whether it is football, basketball, baseball or soccer, NOVA has it all in stunning HD over our high capacity fiber optic network.

Come downpour, come prime time, you’ll get every channel possible in HD, always. Don’t settle for low-quality standard definition video.

Our parental controls give you peace of mind. Restrict viewing on your children’s accounts by channel or rating.



iBox Lets You Watch Content From Across The Globe!


iBox -Digital Cable Price – Rs. 550 Per month

NOVA introduces a rejuvenated model of ί -Box. ί -Box Plus comes with faster processor, sleeker design, surround sound support and ready to go personal video recording over USB devices. ί -Box Plus is the next generation media player, delivers the ultimate home entertainment experience that will transform your TV viewing style. It seamlessly connects you to all the stuff you love –favorite TV, movies, YouTube™ and home media –on your very own TV screen. The ί -Box Plus provides leading edge functionality for interactive TV which includes HD channels broadcast and ί VOD; video on demand service.