What is Catch Up TV?

We understand that life gets in the way, and sometimes you can’t watch your favorite programs on live television. NOVA TV’s new Catch Up TV feature lets you go back 7 days and catch up at your convenience on any shows you have missed through the week. We currently offer Catch Up TV for over 30 leading channels from Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Iran. For a complete list of channels with this feature, visit the Catch UP TV section under LiveTV on your NOVA TV.

Features of Catch Up TV

  • View programming on over 30 channels as far back as 7 days. The default is set to ‘Today’. Using your remote you can pick whichever day of the week you want to watch.
  • Every video available in Catch Up TV is 30 minutes long. If the program you want to watch is longer than 30 minutes, multiple videos will be available for that program.
  • Forward / Rewind.
  • Seekbar to jump to a specific time.


How to Watch Content on Catch Up TV

  1. Select IBox from launcher screen (Figure 1).
  2. Pick Language from menu on left. To access Catch Up TV, choose any channel with a Catch Up TV tab on top left of channel logo tile, and press OK on your remote (Figure 2a).
    Select “Catch Up” from left menu. You will find over 30 channels to choose from(Figure 2b).
  3. Initially when you select your channel, you will default to Live TV. Select the Blue button on your remote to access the Catch Up TV for that channel.
  4. Select any time slot available from the list and press OK button from the remote. Now you can watch your favorite content (Figure 4).


Note: To return to Live TV, press the blue button on your remote and select LIVE on the screen. For now, we offer Catch Up TV on 30 top channels. We will continue to add more.